This is a website run by Nina Simon, Eric Siegel, Darcie Fohrman, and Jenny Sayre Ramberg to promote the AAM/NAME Creativity and Collaboration retreat (C2) which was held May 31-June 2, 2009, at the gorgeous Asilomar conference center in Monterey, CA. You can find out all the essential facts on the AAM site for the retreat, and you can check out the updates and FAQs on this site. We’ll continue to post new information, discussion questions, and etc. in the coming months, so consider stopping in every once in a while.

The site includes: general information about the retreat, a participants’ blog, and post-retreat reflections and feedback.  You can leave a comment on any page, and if you need help with this website, please contact me (Nina Simon) at nina @ museumtwo . com


2 responses to “Home

  1. The folks that attended the last retreat in Boulder were the folks that ended up shaping the profession for the next 20 years. My most meaningful memories from that event are not of the structured activities–like those I can’t avoid at work–but of the times when someone played music and sang, when we shared a bottle of tequila and when we talked quietly, or not so quietly, about the challenges and rewards of our lives in museums.

    Time to talk to other participants is something I don’t get nearly enough of at retreats now days. It’s critical to have interesting speakers kick start your brain but then you need time to stir the ideas around and try them out on folks that share common interests.

  2. Are you a friend of Allen Ashby’s?

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