Why I’m Coming: Nina Simon

Nina_photoHi, I’m Nina. I’m coming to the C2 retreat for at least five reasons:

  1. I’m helping plan it.
  2. It’s close to my home and is in a really beautiful outdoors-focused place, as opposed to the conferences I go to in, say, Indianapolis.
  3. I often feel like conferences don’t let me do what I really want to do with museum colleagues–to dream, scheme, and build some of our ideas. I think the C2 format will allow us to get creative and physical, which suits my learning and social style.
  4. The workshop leaders are superstars. In particular, I’ve known Ken Eklund for a long time and have admired his work building collaborative interactive narratives and am so grateful he’ll be working with us. I’ve also never been to Burning Man and am psyched to learn a bit about how it works from Harley without having to trek out to the desert and paint myself green.
  5. I’ve been working on my own from home, and I’m still learning how to best manage my relationships with remote teams as well as just generally staying connected to colleagues from the woods. I’m looking forward to learning more about effective collaboration with disparate teams, as well as creative techniques for a team of one (sadly, the dog hasn’t learned how to brainstorm yet).

Why are you coming? Once you’ve registered, send us a note and we’ll profile your story on this site!


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