Why I’m coming: Darcie Fohrman

immersed in art
immersed in art – Blue Tree by Claude Cormier

I’m thrilled that we are doing this again.  Having co-organized two previous NAME Retreats looking at models of Creativity and Collaboration from outside the museum field, I have experienced the value of taking time out from the daily grind to reflect and regenerate with colleagues. If you attended the 1980’s Boulder Retreat or the one in Tucson in the 1990’s, I hope you will let us know how the experience affected you. Once again, I relish the opportunity to commune with experienced exhibition colleagues from all types of museums to discuss, compare, contrast and experience ways that we try to maintain creativity while collaborating across our personal differences. We learn techniques from each other and the “outsiders” we’ve invited ways to keep the creative spark alive during complex collaborative projects.

In my projects I’m looking for ways for visitors to be participants in the collaboration – contributing during exhibition planning and in the exhibition space. My experiences at Burning Man http://www.burningman.com/ show me that collaboration, creativity and participation are possible at a huge scale. I’m really looking forward to finding out from Harley Dubois how they work together to perpetuate their creative vision year after year.

On the other end of the budget spectrum how does Lucas Films/ILM inspire creativity in their staff under the shadow of the master George? And how do they manage communications and collaboration over so many divisions? I’m thrilled that we will get the inside scoop with Kate Shaw. This is bound to help me improve communications with my clients.

My knowledge of the game world is weak and I know that Ken Eklund’s experience collaborating with gamers around the world will open me up to a whole new way of looking at creativity, collaboration, and play. I never underestimate the value of play in exhibitions.

We are so lucky to get to create with Karen and Mike, from the Exploratorium. My world view is more of an observer than a participant. Yet I know I (and our visitors) only truly learn, feel, and remember when we participate. I’m excited to see how their techniques encourage creativity and collaboration.

Thanks to many of you for suggesting outsiders for the Retreat. Now that they’re in place, the planning team (Jenny Sayre, Nina, Eric, Dean and Greg from AAM and I) are seeking your collaboration in creating a valuable experience for us all. Why do you want to come? What are you’re issues? What do you want to experience at this immersive two and a half day retreat? I’m looking forward to working and playing with you.

until C2 – darcie


3 responses to “Why I’m coming: Darcie Fohrman

  1. Money, schmoney. I haven’t any but the best conference I ever attended was the first in this series, and I will find a way to do this, the good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise.

  2. Rachelle Bradt

    Hi Darcie – how lovely to see you, even if just on the web. This sounds like a great retreat. do you have a roommate yet? I’m considering feasability of going.
    Hapy New Year – Rachelle

    (remember, Portion of the People, New York)

  3. Hi Rachelle
    It’s great that you’re trying to come. Fortunately, I live in Pacific Grove so I’ll be at home. Unfortunately our house is small and a couple people are already staying here.
    Hope to see you. d

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