Why I’m Coming: Michale Lang


Guiding an art hike in a beautiful backcountry area in the Canadian Rockies where I live.

I want to share this link with the C2 community.  It is a presentation about schools and creativity.

In a very entertaining British manner, this speaker contends that schools kill creativity.  I went to school for a very long time, so I need help!  After listening to this, I think that museums can also kill creativity.   I want to be part of stopping these anti-creativity trends by coming to the C2 Retreat.

The Whyte Museum is also on the verge of developing a new heritage gallery.  I will be working with a team to accomplish this (after we do some creative financing).  It would be great to work creatively from start to finish and I think that this workshop will be a wonderful way to move this process forward.


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