Monthly Archives: March 2009

Why I’m Coming: Lee Musgrave

Radical Inclusion 1

Stop these anti-creativity trends 2
Be apart of something that promotes discovery 1
Explore what skills it takes to keep inspiration alive 1
Holy @&%! 4

Work creatively from start to finish 2
Mingling with smart, talented, diverse thinkers 3
We are responsible for our own learning 4
Can there be a down side 3

Improv and sculpting can make you better 4
The mind is more plastic than we thought 5
Benefit from the creativity that lurks within 5
Being able… is addictive 1

You’d be an ass to pass this up 4
Creativity is usually risky 5
Introspection 6

1. Harley DuBois
2. Michale Lang
3. Frank Binney
4. Ed Rodley
5. Matt Matcuk
6. Lee Musgrave