Why I’m Coming: Maureen Doyle

maureen_doyleI’m coming to the retreat because my colleagues and I at Open Museum <www.openmuseum.org> are wrangling day in and out with the question of collaborative creativity.  We are trying to build what we hope will become a performance venue for creatives and a destination and resource for enthusiasts of the arts, culture, history, natural history, … your choice of content.

During the retreat, I hope to  stretch my conception of an adequate exhibit by working with people from diverse backgrounds who share an interest in design.  I am lured by its unconventional format. Although I must admit to being a bit nervous, perhaps because of my age, the retreat approach appeals to my hippy heart;  I built shanties and ate with chopsticks during college in the 80’s and did a bunch of eclectic “stuff”: <http://www.heritance.org/people.html#maureen&gt; before 2001, when I moved  to France to live on a barge  with my spouse and three children.

We moved back to rural Vermont in 2006, when I founded “Heritance”: <www.heritance.org>, a non-profit that promotes Open Museum practices. In fall 2008, Heritance  decided to shift its program focus to a collaborative internet project, Open Museum.


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