Why I’m Coming: Deb Sovinee

DebSovineeHaving left the Museum of Science last summer where I was for almost 24 years I have spent a lot of time thinking about what I want this next part of my life to be. Creative work is something I am driven to do, and sometimes it can be as simple as cooking, or as consuming as designing an exhibit.
If I am not doing something creative every day I can’t breathe, or so it feels. Some of my best work is not done in isolation, but getting feedback, zigzagging ideas back and forth, creating something that is not just what I imagined, but more than I could have imagined alone.
I love museums, having spent most of my design career at a couple, but now that I am out, how can I take that synergistic act of creating with a team into my new company – one that has been created in concert with folks I formerly worked with at my Museum.
I want to use this opportunity to explore that, and to recharge my batteries after an intense year.
What new ideas can I bring back as we continue to figure out new ways to work together, now that we are for-profit and on our own, and create more of the wonderful things we did before?


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