Why I’m Coming: Barbara Henry

BarbaraHenryI am coming to C2 to be inspired, challenged, and to have magical experiences with some incredibly talented people. I am coming because I love innovation and collaboration and I also want to bring some gems back to my colleagues.

Our museum is undergoing a major transformation that is involving renovating its galleries and building and also creating a visitor-centered approach to all that we do.  We are in the process of innovating all over the place and it is incredibly exciting and of course challenging in areas.  I have found that innovating involves living with ambiguity and that can be very discomforting for folks when collaborating.  As a manager, I am not able to get down and dirty with the fun work of developing exhibits but basically throw out some ideas to team members – some of which are instinctual and others are informed by professional experiences and research. My passion has been working with different communities for infusing multiple perspectives and approaches into museum practices. Right now I am very interested in positioning the museum as a laboratory for exploring new models of exhibits that truly have visitor experiences of authenticity at the center.  So C2 sounds like a great opportunity to plunge further into the possibilities.


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