Why I’m Coming: Cathleen Donnelly

CathleenDonnellyLike the butterflies, I’m coming back.  I made my first trip to Asilomar in 1996 with my nine-year-old daughter, Emma.  We paddled in the surf, spied on otters and ate a picnic on the beach.

Then we heard about the butterflies.  Every winter, monarch butterflies cluster in a sanctuary just minutes from Asilomar.  They come by the thousands, from as far away as Alaska, to cluster on tall trees in the sunlight.  The butterflies are exhausted by the trek, but warm breezes and shelter in the sanctuary re-energize them for the long journey home.

When I heard that the NAME  group was gathering in Asilomar, I decided to make the trek.  Talking and thinking about new ways to get better at what we do sounds like fun to me.  And the warm sea breezes and sunlight? Well, it works for the butterflies.


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