Why I’m Coming: Eric Marshall

EricMarshallMy current job title hints at my interest in this retreat (VP of Strategic Partnerships [=collaboration] and Innovation [=creativity] at the New York hall of Science).
My last position focused on half of the equation (Curator of the Creative World at the California Science Center).
My science and engineering background focused on research and development on the interfaces between complex systems of dissimilar materials.
That is where the action is, and that is where so much remains to be learned.
I see science museums as the social analogs to these physical systems.
We create the agora, the safe space, the level playing field to bring disparate people, ideas, and stuff together and provide the catalysts and energy to create something new.
Most recently, I’ve been applying myself to serve as the catalyst to energize and reduce barriers to interactions between scientists (and engineers) and science museum educators for the purpose of serving our audiences.


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