Why I’m Coming: Dianne Hanau-Strain

DianneHanau-StrainCreativity?  . . . schedule crunch, budget shortfall, fabrication eff-up, schedule crunch, curator comforting, software upgrade downtime, schedule crunch . . . “Create something marvelous” seems to have been nudged off the to-do list I had when I started working in museums. I hear it’s lolling on the beach in California, hanging out with an interesting group of people.

I’m in the process of reinventing my design practice. I spent years in a large museum and more as an independent exhibit designer/developer, thrilled to be part of the emerging field of informal learning, convinced that design can change the world. But it’s getting much too easy to do the same project over and over again in slightly different colors, and I’m not sure yet what the next step should be.

The rare chance to knock ideas around with stimulating colleagues is reason enough to make the retreat. On a practical level, I hope there will be some discussion of collaboration long distance—how you work with clients and team members without a lot of face to face interaction.  But mostly I’m coming for the chance to get away from the computer, think much and play some, and return with a fresh sense of possibility.

Plus—I gotta be honest here—it’s a chance to see one of my kids. He’s somewhere nearby in the woods researching woodpeckers.


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