Why I’m Coming: Tamara Schwarz

Tamara_SchwarzMy last visit to Asilomar was almost exactly 9 years ago. Just a couple months before Chabot Space & Science Center’s new facility opened, the entire staff went for a two-day retreat at Asilomar.  At the time, having worked at Chabot for less than 2 years, I hadn’t a clue that I would come to view developing museum exhibits as my career…

C2 sounds like an awesome couple of days and a great chance to learn from and be inspired by people whose work I admire. I spend a lot of time in a window-less office, my eyes getting tired from peering fiercely at a computer screen all day, and I’m looking forward to a break from that, time to look at the ocean, sky, and trees. I’m ready for an infusion of new ideas and fresh perspective, and coming home with renewed energy and putting it to good use.

I just read a discussion on the WMA blog  <http://westmuse.wordpress.com/2009/05/23/why-go-to-the-conference/&gt; about whether in-person conferences are still necessary and worth their cost and carbon footprint.  One person wrote: “I personally go to conferences in order to connect with other real, live people who love the same work I do, speak the same lingo as me and to generally hang out with kindred spirits…” Yeah, that sounds like what I’m hoping C2 will be.


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