The Creativity and Collaboration retreat (C2) is an exciting opportunity to connect with museum colleagues, muck around with powerful tools and models for creative collaboration, recharge in a gorgeous environment, and discuss issues in managing and supporting creativity on exhibition teams. Unlike most conferences, this one focuses on bringing in new models and voices from outside the museum field, and we will be featuring workshops led by creative superstars from art, film, and gaming. Plus, it will be fun.

The Basics:

  • The retreat will be May 31-June 2, 2009 at Asilomar in beautiful Monterey, CA. It will start at 5pm on May 31 and end at 5pm on June 2, with the option to go to dinner in town on the 2nd (and stay at Asilomar if needed).
  • You can register via AAM here. The registration cost is $325 for AAM members, $425 for non-members ($25 discount if you sign up with a colleague from your institution), and the housing cost is $199.26/night for a single, $121.76/night for a double (find a roommate by filling this out and then check out the people looking for roommates here). Registration includes all food, except an optional dinner on the town on June 2.
  • You must register by May 8, 2009 or you will be sad.
  • There are three fellowships available that cover registration plus $500 of travel expenses. FELLOWSHIP APPLICATIONS NOW CLOSED.  All fellowship applications must be received by March 30, and fellowship recipients will be notified by April 15.

The Program:

  • The C2 program is a combination of workshops, experiential activities, and discussion sessions.
  • The workshops are being led by six amazing people: Kate Shaw, the head of training for LucasFilm, Harley DuBois, community wrangler for the Burning Man festival, Ken Eklund, designer of mass collaboration games like World Without Oil, Tierney Thys, a marine biologist who works with artists and scientists to make documentaries, and Mike Petrich and Karen Wilkinson, who run the Learning Lab at the Exploratorium.  You will be able to engage in three workshops, and they will be long and interactive and juicy.
  • The experiential activities are informal opportunities to recharge in a collaborative, creative environment. There will be partner yoga. There will be cooking. There will be jam sessions. There will be driftwood sculpturing on the beach. If you would like to help lead one of these activities or suggest one of your own, please go here to share your brilliance. We can’t provide materials, but we can provide willing participants.
  • Each day will begin with a discussion session. This will be thrilling. It will also be an opportunity to raise the issues you are grappling with and learn more about how others tackle comparable and related concerns.
  • On Tuesday June 2, we will go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium for an exhibit creation workshop. Plus, you can commune with fish. We will “officially” conclude in the early evening so local people can make the long drive home, but the rest of the funsters will adjourn to dinner and a night on the town.

The Perks:

  • This is a smallish affair–we are expecting 60-80 people (wow! now 100!) and are gearing the content towards professionals who have been working with exhibitions for several years. This is an opportunity to have a much more intimate, substantive experience with colleagues–real working sessions and relationship-building.
  • Asilomar is exceedingly beautiful. There is beach and redwoods, and it’s the really good version, with stunning sunsets and all that jazz. You will not be in a conference room the whole time. We promise.
  • Maker Faire is being held in San Mateo May 30-31, and we are coordinating a visit on May 30 for those who would like to come in a day early and see DIY at its most artistic. Plus, you can stay at my house on May 30 if you need a place to crash and want to experience green living at its hippi-est.  We are meeting at the Faire at noon at the Exploratorium booth.

The Organizers:

  • The C2 retreat is a collaboration between AAM and NAME (the National Association for Museum Exhibitions). The program posse is led by Darcie Fohrman, Jenny Sayre Ramberg, Eric Siegel, Nina Simon, and Greg Stevens, with support from Dean Phelus and Phyllis Rabineau.

20 responses to “ABOUT

  1. Make Faire sounds wonderful. Are you (who?) really opening your home up to all comers for a slumber party?

  2. Hi Hannah,
    Yes I (Nina Simon) am opening my home up to all comers. I live on a bunch of land in Santa Cruz, which means gorgeous redwoods and not a lot of amenities. It’s kind of like camp. It’s not great for people who need a hair dryer, but it’s a great option for those who are comfortable in rustic settings and want to save some money. Santa Cruz is halfway between Maker Faire and Monterey so it’s a reasonable crash spot on the way down to C2. Plus, I make killer pancakes 🙂

  3. Wow: very cool. Sounds like I would need to rent a car? Maybe someone would like to carpool?

    I do love pancakes!

  4. Susan Wageman

    Perhaps there should be a carpool sign up list like the room mate list. I would be happy to drive one or two others to Asilomar (or to Nina’s, then Asilomar, maybe).

  5. Is it true that we need to reserve a space in the workshops we are intersted in? If so, where do we officially do that? Tha post above says “here”, but there is no link!


  6. I plan to attend Maker Faire on Saturday, and take Nina up on her offer to let us crash at her place that night. I am flying in Friday (figuring out where to stay that night) and will need to get to Faire and then back to Nina’s. Please let me know if you are putting together a carpool and I can join in! Thanks

  7. We will be setting up a more formal discussion forum with AAM to discuss carpooling etc. soon.

    People can stay at my place on Friday night too if you want. Note that staying at my house involves futons in public spaces and composting toilets. Think summer camp!

  8. elizabethmerritt

    I grew up in that summer camp…:). Does a hand-dug privy count as a “composting toilet?” How grand… What is best airport to fly into/best way to get to your place on Friday?

  9. Best airport is San Jose, 40 min from my house and close to Maker Faire. San Francisco is 75 min. I will start a separate page when the forum opens to give directions, mete out the beds, and figure out just how many pancakes I’ll be making Sunday morning… 🙂

  10. Lauren Silver

    Did anyone ever answer Elizabeth Scott’s question about signing up for workshops? I’m getting excited about the possibilities, but don’t know how to find out what’s out there. Thanks!

  11. Hi Lauren and Elizabeth,
    AAM will open a forum next week where you can check out and sign up for workshops. There are five different workshop leaders and three session slots – so you will have/get to make a few choices!

  12. I listed the workshops on a new tab called Workshops. I can’t publish the full paragraph descriptions until we have sign-off from everyone on the planning committee, but I wanted to get this to you asap.

  13. I will be arriving in San Jose 1:25 PM on 5/29. Staying Friday and Saturday at Nina’s. Does anyone want to carpool from the airport to Nina’s?

  14. Elaine McGinn

    Is anyone planning to stay at Asilomar on Tuesday night?

  15. Nan and I have decided to take the bus down to Santa Cruz Friday afternoon from San Jose. Anyone who wants to make the expedition with us, chime in.

    Elaine–I am planning to stay at Asilomar Tuesday night if the original plan for a group dinner out that evening stays in place.

  16. I’m staying Tuesday night as well.
    Is there a carpool yet for Maker Faire?

  17. I am planning to stay Tuesday night, if the group dinner is still on, and then head up to SF Wednesday morning. Can any one give me a lift far enough North to catch Caltrain?

  18. I’m staying at Asilomar on Tuesday night, also looking for a ride from Asilomar north on Wednesday as far as Watsonville. Alternatively, I may have a car and can take you to Caltrain SJ, Elizabeth, if you’re OK with a leisurely (noonish) departure!

  19. If you need a lift from SFO @ 2pm on Sunday to Asilomar, let me know. I live 10 min. from the airport and will be heading down south that afternoon.

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