Frequently Asked Questions about the C2 retreat

(please add yours in the comments below and we will upgrade them to primetime here):

Why should I go to this thing?

Because we all need times to step away from our offices and approach our work a little differently. The provocateurs who will be leading sessions and workshops at the C2 retreat are pretty amazing, and we think that their experiences and expertise can inform your work. Plus, it will be fun.

But how can I justify going to another conference? Especially now? Especially a fun one?

Think about the conferences you currently go to. Are they blurring together in your mind? This one won’t. It’s intended for a smaller group–70-90 people–all of whom are dedicated to exhibitions and visitor experiences. No one trying to sell you ticketing systems. No one droning on about their project. Lots of opportunities to really connect with people and tackle some of the specific problems you face every day.

Heck, will I even have a job in 2009?

Probably, but even if you don’t, high level networking is the best investment you can make in your career.

How do I know this isn’t some kumbaya BS? I saw yoga on the schedule.

When in California, do as the … yes, it’s true that some of the optional free-time activities may feel a little woo-woo to you. But they have all been designed to allow you to experiment with creativity and collaboration in new ways, something that another night at the bar probably won’t offer. We want to make this a true retreat so you can really activate your creative collaborative brain, rather than your stressed-out isolationist one. Plus, the main sessions are all in-depth, focused workshops with nary an “om” in sight.

How can I find a roommate for C2?

There is a growing list of people looking for roommates.  To join the list, please fill out this form and you will be automatically added.  You may notice that the list is empty or very short.  You can change that by filling out the form.


9 responses to “FAQ

  1. Here’s a question—I don’t know how frequently asked it is. The only way I’ll be able to attend will be if I find someone to share a hotel room with so that I can get the discounted rate. Do the organizers have any advice for me? Is there a way this site can be used to connect people looking for conference “roommates?”

  2. Dan–good question–I’ve added a way to register for a roommate to the FAQ. Please sign up and start the party!

  3. Dan, if you have someone you already know is coming (or considering it), the hotel registration form available on the AAM website has a place for you to indicate this information. You should also consider applying for a fellowship!

  4. I’m happy to give a lift to folks flying into SFO. I live very close to the airport and can fit 4 in my car.

  5. If we’re not staying at the host hotel, whom should we notify?

  6. Dan (et al),
    On the AAM website for this program (http://www.aam-us.org/getinvolved/learn/creativityandcollaboration.cfm) you’ll see a section about Hotel, with instructions on whom to contact. Here that information is again, for your convenience:

    Important: If you are planning to attend the retreat but will NOT be staying at Asilomar, you MUST notify Asilomar AND AAM prior to May 8, 2009. Asilomar Contact:
    Vivian Garcia
    Revenue & Group Sales Manager
    Phone: 831-642-4213

    AAM Contact:
    Carla Santos
    Assistant Manager, Meetings

    If you will not be staying at Asilomar, you will be charged by Asilomar the following facility and meal fees:

    $10 per off site attendee per day (not including meals)
    Breakfast: $9.20
    Lunch: $10.50
    Dinner: $17.86

    Thanks, and glad you’re joining us! Say hi to John and Lynn for me!


  7. Greg Stevens said I could do a late registration which I am about to do. Will I be able to look at the schedule before I do so?

  8. I meant to include that it is a non-residential registration as I am staying with a friend who lives near-by.


  9. Greg Stevens

    I’m sorry Mimi, registration is closed. Sorry.

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